Welcome to the inaugural issue of the newly redesigned Community Talk. What began as a simple email digest in April 2012 has transformed into an e-newsletter that highlights HMC Architects’ ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Even though it has a new look and feel, the purpose of Community Talk remains the same—to share stories about philanthropy, volunteerism and environmental sustainability throughout HMC Architects and to celebrate the many ways that HMC’s employee owners positively impact their communities.

For the past 70 years HMC has built schools, hospitals, civic and cultural facilities where students learn, patients heal and communities come together. HMC’s commitment to building community goes beyond architecture. The firm is committed to leveraging all of its assets to positively impact the communities in which HMC operates and its employee owners live and work.

Philanthropy is in the firm’s DNA.

In 2009, HMC founded the Designing Futures Foundation (DFF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, to advance and deepen the firm’s commitment to giving back. Today, through HMC’s corporate giving, the DFF’s scholarship and community grant programs, volunteerism, pro bono design services, in-kind donations and environmentally sustainable business practices, HMC is designing a better future for generations to come.

The theme of this issue is “ripple effect.” Dictionary. com defines a ripple effect as, “a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event.” In this issue you will read many inspiring stories that began as a single idea or action and grew into something truly meaningful and impactful.

So let’s celebrate our outstanding accomplishments. Let’s embrace the challenges ahead and let’s make some waves!

To download a PDF of Community Talk click here. To request a printed copy please contact Adrienne Luce.