Catch HMC Architects’ Jeremiah Sugarman at the 18th Annual Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Congress where he will be sharing best practices for successful integrated design and his experience with the UHS Corona project team.

18th Annual Lean Construction Institute Congress
October 3-7, 2016
Chicago, IL

Lessons Learned and Best Practices for User Integration During the Design Process for Successful Integrated Design and IPD Process
Presenters: Rebecca Brennan, Design Studio Blue; Danny Boh, Southland Industries; Jeremiah Sugarman, HMC Architects

This panel will share best practices on how to set up user meeting agendas, retrieve, document, and follow up on information harvested from meetings. They will also explain different meeting types including: on-screen and full-size foam mockups, 3D renderings, BIM models, and onboarding Lean to user groups.

UHS: Our Community of Practice
Presenters: Jason Herrera, DPR Construction; Jeremiah Sugarman, HMC Architects; Nick Krey, Southland Industries

This presentation will address the problem of when the team acknowledged a “major breakdown” in the ILPD delivery due to decreased reliability and the team’s disengagement from the project.