Name // Bill Denis, LEED Green Associate, Assoc. AIA

Position // Associate, Project Manager

Years at HMC // 15 Years

Memorable Project // Malibu High School

Extracurriculars // I’m a huge baseball fan and stats nerd, but when I’m not rooting for the Dodgers, I like to be outside and moving around:  weightlifting, hiking, and camping. When indoors I can usually be found reading history and vintage crime noir books. Oh, and let’s not forget tiki!

Favorite Architect + why // My initial interest in architecture actually came from discovering Slim Aarons’ photography publications and realizing I was more drawn to the “attractive places” he photographed than to the “attractive people doing attractive things.” This led me to a fascination with postwar modernism, especially Richard Neutra and Mies van der Rohe.

If I weren’t in architecture, I’d be starting third base for the Dodgers

Favorite TV show // Bosch. It’s crime noir reimagined and a visual love letter to Los Angeles

Most recent book I read // A re-reading of In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes

Favorite Quote or life motto // “Hold Fast”