HMC Architects’ Design Principal James Krueger is among a panel of industry leaders who will discuss innovations in civic architecture in Metropolis Magazine’s Metropolis Forums Webinar on May 26. Moderated by Metropolis Editor in Chief Avi Rajagopal, the panel of distinguished guests will address the topic: “Designing Spaces for Public Good.”

Government offices, community centers, public transit hubs—these are often the most challenging spaces to design. However, in spite of the tight budgets and risk-averse clients, designers have recently created some remarkable workplaces and facilities for the public sector. How have these designers innovated with civic architecture, and what lessons can we learn from them that apply to private-sector workplaces as well?

Each Tuesday, Metropolis hosts a webinar to connect industry leaders and engage them in discussion about the future of the A&D industry. Registration is free and webinars are AIA CEU accredited.

Watch the full webinar hosted by Metropolis Magazine.