AIA 2011 National Convention
Sustainable Justice: An Evolving System
May 13, 2011
2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Speakers: Frank J. Greene, FAIA; Susan K. Oldroyd, FAIA; Kent W. Peterson, PE, LEED AP, ASHRAE; Beverly Prior, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP; Kenneth Ricci, FAIA

The justice system is an essential element of society. Innovations are being implemented toward a more just, effective, and relevant delivery of services, but this progress is incremental, uncoordinated, and beset by institutional obstacles. The AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice has developed a white paper called “Sustainable Justice 2030: Green Guide to Justice,” presenting a holistic approach to the justice system that integrates all elements: police, courts, and corrections. This document defines an evolutionary vision for justice facilities that will contribute to a region’s holistic sustainability at community, building, and individual levels. Specific methodologies and processes for achieving those goals are described. The white paper was presented to justice partners (ACA, AJA, NACM, NCSC, AOC, FBOP) for review and endorsement, and was coordinated with USGBC to get functional buy-in. Ultimately, the document will be presented to the National Council of Mayors, the National Association of Counties, and USGBC for endorsement while simultaneously being presented to regional and federal governments for specific applications according to particular needs. This initiative applies the notions of triple-bottom-line sustainability to community, building, and individual efforts, focusing on the justice system as a critical infrastructure element. Definition of a holistic context supports a meaningful, effective, and sustainable context for a justice facility.