Simi Valley Unified School District recently unveiled two new inclusive HMC Architects-designed playgrounds at Sycamore and Garden Grove elementary schools in Simi Valley, California, a remarkable initiative that promises to foster inclusivity and joy among students. The grand opening marks a significant step towards providing an environment where children of all abilities can play and learn together seamlessly.


When children of different abilities can engage in playful activities alongside their peers without barriers, it has a profound impact on their academic and social development. These playgrounds, the first of their kind in the district, have been meticulously designed to cater to children of all abilities. They feature thoughtful additions like ramps for walkers and wheelchairs, a spacious glider, and engaging visual and textual elements, ensuring that every child can join in the fun.


In 2016, Simi Valley residents voted in favor of Measure X, a $239 million school facilities and safety bond, which laid the foundation for these inclusive playgrounds. The collaboration between the Simi Valley Unified School District and HMC Architects not only brings smiles to children’s faces but also serves as a testament to the power of community-driven efforts in creating a more inclusive and supportive educational environment.