Firms are becoming increasingly attracted to the city’s creative vibe and energy, seeing advantageous opportunities to setting a base in the heart of the Capital Region. They join already established firms that, together, are bringing a renewed energy and a design presence to the city’s core.

“R Street in midtown is emerging as a creative corridor with new artist lofts and a hipster vibe,” says Creed Kampa, associate vice president for HGA Architects and Engineers, which moved its office from Roseville to midtown last year. He compared the city’s change to the transformation that took place with Portland. “There is a lot of pride here with the craft beer scene and the Farm-to-Fork movement,” he says. “And Sacramento is highly livable and highly walkable. It’s appealing to be part of that energy.”

Long-standing architecture firms like HMC Architects and Lionakis have a history in the Capital Region and can remember a very different city just a few years back. “When I moved to Sacramento in 1997, there were exactly three places to go for dinner,” says HMC managing principal and Madrid-native, Arturo Levenfeld. “But I am so impressed with how it has grown. The cultural awareness in Sacramento and its level has significantly increased.”

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