Even after the immediate emergency of the current COVID-19 pandemic passes, the healthcare industry likely will never return to business as usual. Facing an unprecedented impact to their bottom line operating expenses and stretched abilities to provide care to their patients, the pandemic has placed our health providers in a vulnerable spot.

As part of HMC’s ongoing research effort to better understand the longterm effects of COVID-19 and develop solutions for our healthcare system, we are exploring the pandemic as an opportunity to learn, reinvent, and most importantly help our clients amid the crisis, and their financial hardship.

HMC is committed to sharing our findings with the industry in a series of white papers that focus on five main areas of Technology, Adaptability and Flexibility, Regulatory/Budgetary/Institutional Impacts, Space Needs Restructuring, and Impact to Wellness/Mental Health. In this paper, we focus on technology’s emerging role in creating safer, pandemic-ready healthcare facilities.


By connecting intelligence and insight with creativity, we are able to advance innovation to better understand the needs of our clients and bring them the future of design.



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