By Ruth Oh

While planning for my ten-day Xref trip to Denmark, I conjure up images of quaint villages, windmills, miles of open fields, and resting stops at medieval churches and Viking ruins. In preparation for my trip next month, I have done considerable research into the route I will be riding as well as accommodations and sites along the way.

I’ve divided the biking into three riding experiences with long, medium, and short distances. The idea is to be able to utilize different bike rental systems, cycling paths, and experience the infrastructure designed for cyclists in rural and urban locations. The first four days will be an intensive distance ride from Odense to Copenhagen, making stops at Slagelse and Roskilde.  The next four days will be spent in Copenhagen, sightseeing and learning how the bike share system is integrated into the greater transport network. From Copenhagen, an excursion to the city of Malmo, Sweden, will be a great addition to visiting another sustainable Scandinavian city with a strong bike culture.

Given Denmark’s remarkably green credential and the popularity of cycling tours, I was not surprised to find that good quality bikes and equipment rentals are affordable and easy from various vendors. Within the city of Copenhagen, it will be even more convenient to sight-see by using the Bycyklen København. With a deposit of 20DKr coin (about 3 dollars), bikes can be taken for use with no time limit. Upon returning the bike, the user or anyone, can return and collect the deposit. The system allows revenue to be generated by placing ads on the bicycle.  The bikes are uniquely designed so that the parts cannot fit into any other ordinary bicycles. Check out the innovative bike sharing systems submitted for a recent design competition sponsored by the city of Copenhagen.

Finally, in the process of planning out my itinerary, I was able to gain a helpful contact in Denmark to inform me on precautions to take, places to visit, and cuisines to try out. As an added bonus, I’m compiling a list of all the great contemporary architecture to be spotted in Copenhagen. Between now and July, I hope to brush up on some Danish, build up my leg muscles, and get my camera ready to document this trip. Looking forward to blogging about my Xref trip and sharing my experiences in Denmark.