Is it possible to change behavior on resource management? That’s what the Frontier Project Foundation set out to accomplish, and their mission is coming to life through the Frontier Project. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, the Frontier Project’s goal is to make residential consumers, commercial builders and sustainable advocates aware of alternative building methods to encourage sustainability. With that in mind, we set out not only to create a structure that was visually stunning, but would also serve as a true learning experience.

The challenge was raising awareness about the pressing environmental need for a demonstration project, while seeking partners to donate their expertise, products and capital. Our team worked closely with the client, the Cucamonga Valley Water District, to find like-minded partners to collaborate on the Frontier Project. The end result is a demonstration facility that represents Southern California’s best practices for energy and water conservation, and that has become a learning resource for the entire community. From rain filtering to sustainable roofing strategies, visitors are constantly exposed to green technologies. The finished project is a dynamic, natural light-filled showcase of architectural materials – terrazzo floors sparkling with recycled glass chips, carefully detailed cabinetry and flooring of renewable bamboo, and highly textured insulated concrete walls contrasted against the warmth of FSC-certified wood grille ceilings. As an educational model for sustainability, it’s no surprise that this LEED Platinum design is also one of the most sustainable facilities in California.