Initially designed by HMC and opened in 1997, the Ontario Convention Center has been a cornerstone of the city for nearly thirty years. It has significantly contributed to Ontario’s reputation and economy, vital to its development. As industry trends have evolved, the need for a more extensive exhibit hall, ballroom, and meeting rooms has become apparent to maintain the City of Ontario’s position as the region’s economic heart.

The expansion offers an incredible opportunity to incorporate innovative design elements, increase capacity, and connect with Ontario’s vibrant community and exceptional climate through expanded outdoor events and public spaces. The project will deliver 450,000 SF of indoor convention center space and expand outdoor public and event opportunities.

Key features of the Ontario Convention Center expansion include 450,000 SF of indoor space, providing ample room for large-scale events and conventions. The project will also offer expanded outdoor opportunities for various public and private events. A new 2,000-vehicle parking structure will ensure ample parking for attendees, while on-site retail will add convenience and enhance the visitor experience. Additionally, a pedestrian bridge over Holt Boulevard will improve safety and connectivity within the growing Convention Center District.

This cohesive design will create an iconic landmark in Ontario, celebrating the convergence of people, passion, community, and culture that the Ontario Convention Center represents. It will stand as a testament to the city’s growth and evolution, reflecting its vibrant and forward-looking character. The expanded convention center will not only host major conventions in the future but will also represent the city’s continued substantial investment in the growth and evolution of the area’s economy.

The Ontario Convention Center Expansion project is set for completion in 2027. Once finished, it will be a beacon of progress and innovation, enhancing the city’s status as a leading destination for national conferences and conventions. This significant milestone will further drive economic growth and community engagement in Ontario, a testament to the city’s continuous evolution and development.