Strategically situated on a five-acre parcel at the town’s edge, the facility’s design features a colorful exterior tensile skin in signature Mammoth blue. This placement enhances accessibility to parking and complements existing amenities such as playgrounds, fields, and trails.

The center, Featuring Mammoth Lakes’ first indoor Olympic-sized ice rink, offers year-round enjoyment for residents and visitors. Whether it’s public skating, youth hockey leagues, figure skating, or curling, the facility provides opportunities for skill development and community bonding. Collaborating with the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings further enriches the experience, facilitating youth hockey development programs and camps and nurturing a new generation of sports enthusiasts.

The space seamlessly adapts to the changing seasons and transforms to accommodate various activities. In warmer months, the reconfigurable floor turns the ice rink into a dynamic open-air gymnasium featuring basketball courts and other sporting configurations. Expansive indoor-outdoor gathering areas foster social interaction and offer panoramic views of the Sherwin Mountain range and neighboring pine forests. The new facility embodies the fusion of functionality, sustainability, and community-centric design, poised to inspire and delight future generations.