California Welcome Centers are best known for their tourism resources—free maps, brochures on local attractions, and travel concierges ready to help road trippers in need of food and lodging advice. The new California Welcome Center at the Ontario Mills shopping mall gives tourists an entirely refreshed, evolved destination that aligns with today’s tech-savvy travelers while also exuding the essence of the local region.

First impressions are everything, and our client wanted to redefine that moment when a tourist arrives at Ontario Mills for the first time. Our design solutions capitalize on modern amenities to make sure those visitors have a positive and memorable experience. Each year, Ontario Mills welcomes more tourists than Disneyland, and many of these travelers arrive via tour bus. Easy to find, the new Welcome Center is located near the bus drop-off zone. Inside, travelers can discover free brochures and maps, but there are also four interactive kiosks where they can book hotels, buy and print theme park tickets, and explore dining options. Faux tree trunks, rocks, and etched glass evoke Southern California’s flora and fauna, and TVs, Wi-Fi, and workstations give today’s travelers routes to stay connected. Tourists can also stretch their legs in the VIP lounge, fuel up on complimentary snacks and coffee, and safely store their shopping bags in attended lockers.