By Sandy Kate and Eera Babtiwale

In order to positively impact our planet, it is important to empower our younger generation with the knowledge and the tools necessary to actually make an impact. By bringing environmental issues to light in an interactive, fun and informative way, we are able to inspire children to become the champions for the environment. Our sustainability workshop series strives to create a domino effect of knowledge sharing. Our goal is for each child, student and participant to share what they learn during the workshop with their friends and families, thereby cultivating a culture of environmental leaders who will be ready to take immediate action against the urgent issue of climate change.

The sustainability workshop series is comprised of three main subjects: water, energy and waste. Each workshop is divided into two parts:

1. Interactive presentation (45 minutes)
2. Hands-on lab (45 minutes)

Download a copy of the workshop instructions and presentations:




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