Healthcare Architecture Designed to Lift Spirits

We Design Beautiful, Efficient, and Supportive Medical Care Facilities

Healthcare design architects build and renovate hospitals, medical office buildings, and other healthcare centers, including behavioral health treatment facilities, to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and to provide medical staff with spaces to better treat the sick and save lives. At HMC Architects, we incorporate our healthcare clients' needs into the facilities we design and implement features that better support healthcare delivery and the physical and emotional needs all who use these buildings. We also complete these projects on budget and in an amazingly short amount of time.


We Understand the Power of Collaboration

When you engage HMC Architects, you get an experienced, creative team that collaborates with you to bring your vision to life. We value communication and balance your needs with beautiful, efficient design. We also stay abreast of industry trends and current research. But our conversations with administrators, doctors, nurses, and medical technicians teach us far more than any research paper ever could. By talking to the people who play critical roles within a medical center, we get multiple perspectives on how the various spaces are currently used and how they can be redesigned to better support staff and patients.

HMC has a strong foothold in designing for the healthcare industry. Deeply entrenched in our geographic locations and involved in all types of healthcare design projects, our experts are passionate and use their knowledge to create modern, efficient, and flexible facilities that enable better patient outcomes.

We View Your Challenges Through a Lens of Experience

Our healthcare architecture design teams understand your new construction and renovation challenges. Healthcare organizations must not only adhere to tight budgets, but also keep up with the swift pace of technological advancements to avoid renovating again in just a few short years. We also understand that healthcare is a business and that buildings need to efficiently function for revenue and staffing, and be brought to market quickly. Using any project delivery approach, we create an innovative, collaborative team that defines goals, costs, and planning solutions early so we can move forward with design and accelerate construction.

In our decades of experience, we’ve gained insights into how healthcare environments affect patient recovery. So, we apply evidenced-based design to healthcare facilities, using features that have therapeutic value.

Here are just a few of the insights we keep in mind as we design for the healthcare sector:

We promote faster recovery

The more contact patients have with practitioners, the faster they heal. We design to promote interaction and eliminate wasted space to bring patients and healthcare providers closer in physical proximity, which improves patient outcomes and increases patient satisfaction.

We keep safety in mind

We integrate anti-slip flooring and other safeguarding elements, as well as alarms and protocols that prevent infant abductions. We also design spaces that keep pharmaceuticals secure.

We make wayfinding easier

Our building and operational layouts help make finding destinations stress-free, streamline staff and patient flows, and improve the patient experience.

We use bacteria-resistant features

The surfaces and ventilation systems in our medical centers are designed to reduce the spread of bacteria.

We accomplish high-performance acoustical design

Our acoustic solutions reduce the amount of noise in patient rooms and around nurse stations.

We plan for your future

By incorporating flexible design principles that meet the healthcare facility needs of today, we help you better adapt to the demands of the future.

We Take Pride In Our Healthcare Design Work

Nothing makes us happier than knowing our clients are delighted by a job well done. Here are just a few examples of facilities we’ve designed that improve the quality of patient care and staff efficiency.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center

We redesigned this multi-mode public health clinic in South Los Angeles, California, to provide the community with accessible, culturally sensitive healthcare. The new four-story building offers urgent care, an ambulatory surgery center, and a dozen clinics. More centralized nurse workstations improve patient visibility and safety inside, while repositioned crosswalks, mass-transit stops, and traffic signals increase pedestrian safety outside. To honor Dr. King’s work and contributions, a one-story-high glass portrait mural graces the center’s entrance. Through better form and function, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center not only provides excellent patient care, but also operates in the tradition of its namesake by serving the community.


Henderson Hospital

Part of Union Village in Henderson, Nevada, Henderson Hospital is a newly constructed healthcare facility that increases patient satisfaction using cutting-edge technology. In just 27 months, we and our trade partners built and designed the facility, implementing strategies that make treatment and operation safer and more infection-resistant. Narrow spectrum infection-control lighting, silver ion-infused countertops, and indigo lighting in the surgery department prevent the spread of bacteria and microbes. To increase patient satisfaction, we designed private rooms with acoustic solutions to reduce noise. A silent nurse-call system uses wireless phones instead of annoying and disruptive loudspeaker paging. This new hospital is a comfortable facility that improves infection control, staff efficiency, and the overall patient and family experience.


Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center

The HMC team was tasked with redesigning this medical center’s first floor without interrupting its pharmacy, urgent care, and clinical lab operations. The calm and inviting new space incorporates Kaiser Permanente’s Next Gen and Total Health Environment concepts. Patients can check themselves in at self-service kiosks and busy themselves in waiting areas that feature mobile device charging stations, workspaces, and health education resources. Bright colors give spaces a welcoming feel, while variations in lighting and ceiling height create visual interest. The design also features occupancy sensors that reduce electricity use and prefabricated walls to help make future remodels much easier. Our team delivered this beautiful, energy-smart transformation in only 10 months.


VA San Diego Healthcare System

Our behavioral health treatment facilities are world-class, too. We design environments that foster patient healing by considering all aspects of the treatment experience. For the veterans in the San Diego, California, healthcare system, we are currently adding the details they need to achieve good mental health by considering the aesthetics of flooring, window treatments, ceilings, and artwork. With input from veterans, our designs will reduce patient frustration and increase productivity. We are also placing a strong focus on medical technology. When renovations are completed, the VA San Diego Healthcare System will have everything it needs to serve veterans in a most restorative healing environment.


If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

If you could change anything about your facility to raise patient satisfaction and increase staff efficiency, what would you do? Your answer is your vision, and we can make it a reality.

We bring light, beauty, knowledge, and experience to our designs to create medical centers that work better—for everyone. Contact us to learn how we can build or renovate your facility with your patient and staff needs always top of mind And be sure to browse the articles below to learn more about how we’ve helped out clients improve the quality of care through architecture that solves problems.