Interior Design for How You Work, Learn, Live, and Play

Creating Spaces That Respond To Peoples’ Needs

A building’s exterior design is for the public; its interior design is for its people. At HMC Architects, we design interiors that welcome people indoors. Our spaces invite you to stay and enjoy your purpose in coming—whether working, learning, healing, playing, or socializing.

We do work that enriches public life. As institutional architects, we specialize in interior architecture for Pre-K–12, higher education, civic organizations, and healthcare facilities. Our buildings are beautiful and functional, designed especially for the people who will use them most.

We design for the human experience.


HMC Is Proud to Serve Our Communities

Designing the spaces people use every day is deeply rewarding. We strive to connect with our clients to better understand their architectural needs, providing them with sound, functional spaces that draw people into an environment where engaging with others comes naturally. Here are just a few of our favorite projects:


At Rancho Campana High School, learning—and teaching—has evolved, and classrooms must evolve as well. To that end, our design for their new high school employs the latest information regarding environmental effects on student learning. Our flexible design solutions offer teachers the versatility to easily rearrange student seating: Their classroom layouts can quickly morph from a group discussion orientation into clusters for small study groups as well as any other layout the teacher desires to facilitate learning. And our interior architecture beckons the outside in, with roll-up garage doors that encourage a connection with the outdoors.



We have successfully partnered with Kaiser Permanente repeatedly over the years, so when they needed to brand their pediatric experience across many facilities, they called HMC Architects. Our design included child-friendly graphics throughout their pediatric wings that engage children's imaginations. This consistent branding gives each center an immediately recognizable feel and helps with intuitive wayfinding. Young patients can begin their path to wellness amidst graphics representing neighborhood parks and local topography. Each Kaiser Permanente location boasts images customized to their respective landscapes, from ocean to mountains to urban cityscapes.


Higher Education

El Camino College in Torrance, California, had a dark, forgotten basement that cried out to be redesigned and put to good use. Our team transformed it into a STEM Center for tutoring students and offering academic enrichment programs. We introduced collaboration tables and group study furnishings to enable students to break into discussion groups. We designed moveable whiteboards that encourage thinkers to jot down and share their ideas. And we created multipurpose rooms that can be divided into multiple variably sized spaces to accommodate either lectures or workgroups. With natural lighting and warm wood tones, this flexible environment puts students and professors at ease, and encourages students to stay on campus and connect with one another.



HMC’s last major work on the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California, was over 20 years ago. When the client needed to update their facility, they enlisted our help once again. Because the center saw an ever-increasing number of visitors, they needed to revamp their meeting space with a new café and outdoor patio. We designed The Ontario Convention Center Café to serve a large volume of traffic in the facility’s central atrium; an area that’s easily visible and accessible to all visitors. The new interior environment features a contemporary yet timeless color palette that ties seamlessly with the existing convention center. Café Connect now serves the public in a soothing, modern environment that interfaces perfectly with the welcoming patio designed as its outdoor counterpart.


Let Us Design Your Space Exclusively for You

If your institution needs interior architecture designed for the way your people work, learn, live, and play—contact us. With our passion for design and love of crafting public spaces, we can develop creative solutions that are a natural expression of who you are and what you do. Browse the articles below to see more of our work. And if you’d like to talk about the space we can create or renovate specially for you, contact us. We’d love to hear about your organization and whatever interior architecture designs you dream of.